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Our robust tool analyzes all available income properties in Quebec, and ranks them according to selected ratios. Register to find the rare gems.
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Invest wisely

Identifying market opportunities has never been easier.
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Immoflow is an exclusive analysis tool that helps real estate investors find the most profitable income properties in Quebec.
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Essential resources

You will gain access to information previously unavailable to investors, ensuring that you make informed and profitable acquisitions.
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Exclusive expertise

The analysis was created by a group of web developers and real estate brokers who were looking to simplify the search for high return properties.


A must for real estate investors.

We help buyers find the best possible deals without you having to manually analyze every property on the market.

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Our clients benefit from real estate acquisitions with much higher than average returns.

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Be first

Discover the highest paying investments on the market before anyone else.

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Cash flow analysis
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Earnings analysis
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Net present value of earnings
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Internal rate and return
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Gross Rent Multiplier
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Net Rent Multiplier
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Rent Over Price
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Cap rate
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Return on Equity
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Break-event analysis

Customize your criteria

Our tool analyzes more than 10 financial ratios so that your decision is based on the criteria most relevant to your situation.
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Innovative software

Immoflow has an exclusive software that identifies the best income properties in Quebec and automatically matches them to your needs in real time.

The result? A clear and precise list of cash flow positive real estate assets available on the market.
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Registering with ImmoFlow is as quick and easy as our software. Gain access to privileged information in just a few clicks!
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